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Trishul Overseas, a synonym of pioneer in textile machinery spares trade since its inception in 1985. A professional and dynamic organisation, Trishul Overseas is distinguished for its services encompassing marketing, pre-sales consultancy, sales, distribution, after-sales-services.

Our expertise, skilled, qualified and efficient professional, quality products and our marketing network have contributed significantly to our position of eminence and the trust of clients in Indian market as well as in the countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Egypt, Syria, Nepal, Srilanka etc.

Our Vision is to be a leaders by improving the market share and to get associated with every user of our product & service and work towards TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

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The roving machine is not easy to operate. It has a complex operational procedure; it can lead to defects, increase the cost of manufacturing and make the end product extremely sensitive.

Both the flyer and the bobbin operate independent of each other. This means that the strand is twisted by operating the bobbin at a higher speed as compared to the flyer. The rail of the bobbin keeps moving up and down in a continuous motion. This means that the coils have to be wound close and in a parallel manner to ensure that majority of the material is wound on the same. As each layer leads to an increase in diameter, the length for each coil will increase. Hence there has to be a continuous adjustment for speed after each layer is completed. However the front roller always delivers a constant length. The speed of the package should be varied and dictated by the change in the diameter.

The builder is used to adjust the belt as per the change in diameter on the bobbin. It also reverses the direction on the top and bottom of the bobbin rail. It also creates tapered ends by shortening the lift after each layer. The ratchet wheel causes the belt to shift. It is allowed only to move by half a tooth.

The roving hank decides the diameter adjustment of the bobbin. The adjustment of the belt follows a sequence. This is dictated by the level of thickness of the roving. If the wheel of the ratchet has lesser amount of teeth then the belt moves faster. If the number of teeth is more, then it will move slower.

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Celebrating 25 years of Trishul Overseas.

TRISHUL OVERSEAS is specialized in the marketing of Textile machinery products catering to spinning industry. With a humble beginning in 1985, today it has reached to the turnover of over USD 3.25 million.


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Trishul Overseas, provided best textile machinery spares in India & across the world. I am this company since years and found every year great and best services which make our production fast and accurate with quality. I will keep recommend to others.

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