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Technology to save resources is a crucial aspect. Today we have access to suction based motors that run on this principle. They use a high level computerized system which is efficient on the aerodynamic front while being extremely efficient. These systems reduce the amount of energy used in daily operations. It also keep wastage to minimal levels. Overall the consumption of resources is reduced by six percent when a company employs the Autoconer 6.

High Productivity

This system uses a tube for suction that is extremely efficient, quick, decreases the amount taken and the frequency of cycles used, can automatically align the position of the suction tube while not compromising on the pickup of the upper yarn. All these features are achieved in concurrence with the operation of the Flexi Cycle. This system allows the operator to be flexible when setting the distance of the suction as well as how powerful the negative pressure can be. This means that errors related to the upper yarn and constant stoppages are no longer a frequent occurrence.

Save Resources with Autoconer Spares

This generates only the right amount of pressure (negative not positive) required for the operation of the machine. The automated nature of the system ensures a monitored switch as per the requirements of the operation. This also regulates saving of energy when using the vacuum as well as using a pick up system for the yarn end. The best feature is that each of the parameters can be adjusted accordingly. The system also regulates the amount of compressed air used for cleaning purposes. This is done by monitoring the amount of soiling of the end product. Additionally the waxing unit also improve utilization by cutting down on waste by one third.


Material Flow and Automation

The Autoconer series was the first to use automation for winding in the textile sector. Each and every iteration of the machine built on the use of automation. It has increased the efficiency levels by using this same principle. With an increase in processing power, the computerized brain of the machine has a number of innovative features. It ensures an increase in production and efficiency levels. The company has raised the bar in both these areas. Even the most basic model has a number of innovative features. The Autoconer6 is one of the most innovative original machinery ever made.

The sixth iteration of the machine has the highest levels of optimization connected to automation. Each automated sequence is programmed and structured specifically to work independently and not hamper operational capabilities in any way shape or form. This helps to ensure that productivity levels are at the highest while maintaining desired levels of quality, processing, reliability and efficiency.

Splice and Packagin

All this is achieved by the intelligence of the operating system. The latest version of the Autoconer Spares increases productivity by around six percent. This means that the machine begins its operation at a higher level while achieving a winding speed which is at higher levels than any other machine. All cycles not related to productivity are reduced to bare minimum levels. Every functionality is optimized for high production levels. The high levels of sophistication also ensure full utilization of the machines irrespective of variations in the distribution of materials. There has been a total re-design of the RM. The new design has the space for an extra bobbin storage. This leads to an increase of ten percent in productivity due to the presence of eighty winding units.

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