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Fluff cleaning gun with chargable battery

About Fluff Cleaning Gun

Cleaning fluff accumulated in various part of the spinning machine is critical. If left un-cleaned the machine may not work properly resulting in defects such as yarn defects, defects in knitting elements.

A regular cleaner is required if accumulated fluff is on part of the machine where it is easy to clean. For cleaning fluff in inner most part of the machine a specialised cleaning tool is required - Fluff cleaning gun. This gun shape tool helps to clean fluff from spinning machine with easy. Because of its gun shaped design it is easy to handle which eventually makes cleaning task accurate and effective.

ADVANTAGES of Our Cleaning Gun

  1. Battery is rechargeable
  2. The cleaning gun is equipped with battery with efficient performance
  3. Charging time 1hr to 45mins
  4. Fully recharged battery will last for 18 to 20 hours.

  5. Check manual of this fluff cleaning gun.

FEATURES of This Gun

  1. No need to tear or wear parts.
  2. Easy to handle, clean complex machine part efficiently
  3. Battery will last for 18 to 20 hours once fully charhged.
  4. No manual preparation for making it operational
  5. Easy to operate and handle
  6. Perform cleaning tasks in half time lesser than the conventional cleaning tools


  1. Charge voltage : 100v-240v
  2. Currency : 90mA(no work) 150-20mA(work)
  3. Battery Capacity : 200mAn
  4. Motor : 3.6v(high speed)
  5. Battery : Charge lithium battery

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